East Central District

VACANT - Accepting letters of interest to the SEC and SM

Information and Announcements:

September 17, 2023:  George Lampere, AB9CQ, has been apponted as the EC of Waushara county.

July 8, 2023:  David Ziesmer, KD9HJJ, has been appointed as the EC of Brown and Kewaunee Coutnties.

April 21, 2023: Robert Durfee, K9XB, has been appointed as the EC of Sheboygan County and Aaron Ward, AC9X, has been appointed EC of Winnebago County.  Contratulations to you both and thank you for volunteering.  We would also like to thank Dan Lenz, KB9IME, for helpin out in Winnebago until an EC could be appointed.

District Repeaters and Nets:
East Central District

WeComm   NET:  First Thursday of the Month at 2000hrs

Brown / Kewaunee County

147.120+  107.2   NET: Tuesday 1900hrs

147.120 Simplex  NET: Tuesday 1900hrs

146.420 Simples  NET: Tuesday 1900hrs

Calumet County

444.800+  Pl 107.2

147.300+ pl 107.2   NET: Sunday 2000hrs

Dodge County

146.640- pl 123.0   NET: Mon & Thu 1930hrs - informational followed by Fusion

442.975+ pl 123.0  

Door County

146.730+  pl107.2   NET: Sunday 1930hrs

147.210+  pl 107.2

Fond Du Lac

145.430+  pl 97.4   NET: Sunday 1900hrs

147.090+  pl 107.2

Green Lake

146.95-  pl 123.0   NET:  Sunday 2000hrs


146.895-  pl 146.2   NET: Tuesday 1900hrs

146.610-  pl 107.2


146.655-  pl 100   NET: Sunday 2000


147.390+  pl 118.8   NET:  Sunday 2000hrs

146.925-  pl 118.8


147.285+  pl 123.0


147.240+  pl 100   NET: Sunday at 2100hrs

Emergency Coordinators:

Fond Du Lac CoRobert Durfee, K9XB

Green Lake Co - Mark Baker, KC9UVP

Kewaunee Co - David Ziesmer, KD9HJJ

Manitowoc Co - John Hamilton, W9AH

Marquette Co - VACANT

Sheboygan Co - Robert Durfee, K9XB

Waupaca Co - Chuck Fritz, AC9F

Waushara Co - George Lampere, AB9CQ

Winnebago Co - Aaron Ward, AC9X